Helping to fund Ghost development

I run Ghost for a few non-profits and friends gratis at my hosting company. I refer people to Ghost Pro for people who want it for commercial reasons, but there may be certain integrations or tooling that would need me hosting it for them.

Is there a direct option to help fund Ghost development? If I started charging people, I wouldn’t feel right not transferring some of this to Ghost given I’m using their tools. I do the same for FreeBSD, OpenZFS, etc.

I suppose one option could be to buy a Starter Ghost Pro account for each client and just not use it, but I don’t want to spam.

The 2 best places* you can look are Ghost’s Contribute Page, and GitHub Sponsors:

*imho :blush:

Oh cool thanks, I didn’t realise Ghost was on OpenCollective! (Via their docs you linked to above). This looks like the best way to go.