A Suggestion to Ghost Team

You are giving away such a wonderful product for free and you are not asking any money for that …

I have been using Ghost Blog https://blog.nearbyshops.org/ as self-hosted version but i will be happy to donate you … !

You should actively ask people to donate you … because lot of people are benefitting from Ghost Blogging Software and they are not paying you anything !!!

You should ask and let them know that you’re open to donations !

You have No donate button on your website ? People don’t even know that you are open to donations !

Thanks very much @maverick! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the use of Ghost. Ghost is on Open Collective if you wish to make a donation, you can find out more in our documentation: Contributing to Ghost - Submit your contribution to open source software

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That’s good you are on open-collective … but lot of people won’t be taking so much efforts to find that out …


I mean … when you guys are giving such a good product which is open-source which people like to use … There is nothing wrong in asking people to donate !

Wikipedia has been very actively asking people for donations … and after that only they were able to attract a lot of funds …

I believe lot of people might be willing to donate … if you guys just ASK them and let them know that you are open to donations !

If you want to make a donation then you’re more than welcome to do that. We’re not interested in aggressively begging for donations anywhere.


that’s okay … you’re are free to decide after all its your product !

The easiest Way of donating to Ghost would be to get GhostPro. :wink:

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I never told you to beg for donations @John … all i was trying to suggest you that … people need to be AWARE that they CAN donate !!

@maverick I appreciate your attitude and contributions here – the open source way is such a gift from the generation of geeks that brought the internet into our world. People do widely under-appreciate and take this for granted.

Another way of “donating” is by doing just what you did here – reminding all of us to take a moment to recognize and appreciate the enormity of the value we all receive from this both personally and collectively.

These demonstrations of individual and collective altruism are probably the thing I am most proud of about our generation!


I had to quote this because it combines so good Everything about Open-Source and Ghost as a Product.

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