Hiding posts ONLY from A SECTION of the homepage


I am using “Edition” template for my website. Edition categorize by default the posts that are featured and the Latest posts.

I am trying to hide the featured posts from the “Latest post” column.

permalink: /{slug}/
filter: tag:-dailydigests

Once I do this on my routes.yaml I can’t see my Dailydigests posts on the “Latest” section, which is exactly what I want. But when I click on the Dailydigest that I marked as Featured posts, they redirect me to a 404 page indicating that they are not found.

My purpose is that they can still be seen on the Home page but only on the Featured section and not in the “Latest” section

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thank you so much!

I am adding a screenshot to make the explanation more visual:

As you have excluded dailydigests, those posts do not belong to any collection and this is the reason for the 404.

You could add another collection for the dailydigests, just so it belongs to a collection and the URL will work.

See this topic as well: