Hints on how to go about changing the Admin Ember client for my use case

Hi all,

I’m just introducing myself to Ember as I’m trying to make some custom changes.

Specifically, I want to integrate a single-sign-on (SSO) for Commento, that is that the user gets automatically logged in into Commento when they login to the Ghost Admin panel.
My rough idea is to do the SSO flow after the Ghost admin session cookie has been set.

Could anyone guide me as to where and how I could/should hook into the signin flow in the Ember admin panel? Any help/hints appreciated. :slight_smile:


Maybe a little more specifically: I’m trying to find out where in the Ember app I should do a request to initiate the server-side SSO flow. I can’t really find out where in the Ember app, the signin flow gets back the ‘authResult’ and then forwards to the ‘site’ admin page. That’s where I guess would be best to do the request.