Home Page Content Design On All Tag Pages

Hi Everyone, i am using the Source theme and want to use the content designs of the home page on all the tag pages with proper latest posts in that tags with the featured posts. Is it possible to have the content design of home page on all the tags.

So you could look at creating a routes.yaml file and specifying that you want to use the index.hbs (or home.hbs file, if it exists) as the template. HOWEVER, Source’s homepage does several separate #get requests that don’t respect routing to create the fancier layouts, so you may not get the expected outcome without also doing some theme edits.

@Cathy_Sarisky thank you for the response. As i am new to ghost, switching from wordpress and dnt know coding etc, i will show this method to my friends who knows coding well and will try to get the required results. Thank you :heart: