Source Theme Tag Post Page Width?

Hey all,
hope someone can help me :grinning:
How can i change the Tag Post Page Width in Source Theme?

Mean this Design & Living Page

Big thanks.

Best, dake

In sitewide code injection:

.tag-template .gh-container:not(.has-sidebar) :is(.gh-container-title,.gh-main,.gh-more) {
    grid-column: 3 / span 12;

Change the grid-column values - make the first value smaller and the span larger.

thanks :grinning:

But i can’t see in sitewide a code injection?

Best, dake

Where to find code injection (site-wide):
Go to /ghost
Click the gear icon to get the settings menu (lower left corner)
Scroll down or search for ‘code injection’.

Be sure to save after you make changes.

ah yes now i understand what you mean! :grin:
I add it but its not work

Best, Dake

No one can help you with “it’s not work” - link the site with the problem or explain how exactly it’s not working.

So i add your code, but nothing change on the page width
Here my test page: News - Pexa