Improving Pagespeed score (Mobile)

Hi, I recently started a blog. As I currently have almost no traffic I am self-hosting it. But my page speed score is very low at 64-66.

Previously I had another wordpress site. Where pagespeed has around 90.

But the thing is the Ghost blog doesn’t seem slow to me. Infact it feels faster. Than wordpress. But then again the page speed score is very low. Probably due to unused js. I migrated Google analytics to cloudflare zaraz. That helped it to go from around 50 to current 66.

Can anybody kindly help me out if I need optimisation.

My blog is at

I am using oracle VM ( 1 CPU core ampere A1 and 10 GB Ram. Ghost installed through cloudpanel)
And for cdn I use cloudflare. I keep cloudflare rocket loader off. It makes page speed worse.

Theme default casper with minor modifications I learned from ghost blogs and ghost forums.
Thanks in advance

I’ve worked in SEO 10 years. Don’t worry about googles score for speed. Means literally nothing for traffic and rankings.

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And your site is very fast. As are all ghost sites.


Okay, Thank you very much. I was worried about seo and Pagespeed. Thanks for the clarification

  1. Right now you serve your logo as a .webp image, create SVG and optimise it.
  2. Merge “css2” and “screen.css” to reduce the number of requests
  3. review you theme code and clean up unnecessary bits
  4. You have a lot of javascript being loaded, reduce it if you can
  5. Use a CDN
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All SEO blogs talk about speed and rankings (I’m not contradicting your statement, just being curious). Is there any research higher pagespeed score doesn’t affect rankings?

For now I have implemented the webp to svg change. And enabled some extra caching in cloudflare.

99% of SEO talk on the Internet is rubbish fed to people by google.

There are slow websites ranking in competitive serps everywhere.

The most important factor by far is link authority from referring domains but also get your self a cheap onpage tool like neuron writer.

Litreally your webpage won’t move if you fix page speed…as long as it’s not broken slow your good.

Google isn’t going to show a web result above another simply because it’s fast.

Core web vitals it’s a ranking factor since 2021.

Yes, but not no where near enough of factor to worry about moving your page speed insights score up. You aren’t held back in any way from having 60 page speed insights score nor will your website go up in the serps from improving it.

Content and links.