Is ghost are good for SEO?

Is ghost are realy good for SEO?
Can someone give me some links to working blogs on the ghost?
And what said Google PageSpeed Insights? I scan 1 ghost blog and saw 40% optimization for PC version, which one is so bad =(
What are tou thinking about ghost SEO possibilities?

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Yes, ghost has really good support for SEO.

There are built-in XML sitemaps, Google AMP pages, canonical tags, optimised URLs, microformats, Facebook Open Graph tags, support for Twitter cards and clean semantic markup.

Here are some working examples of Ghost Blogs:

As for speed, Ghost is really fast, but your site speed depends on other factors as well: your server, the theme you are using (optimized assets, js, css, images) just to name a few.

With a few optimizations you can achive great performance.
96% Google PageSpeed Score


Ghost is indeed good for SEO. The only problem that I see, that you probably saw too in Google PageSpeed Insights, is that your images are not properly formatted. That is because when you have a loop of posts you still have to show the full image. You can’t use a thumbnail or resized image of the original one.

The rest is nice:

The rest is up to you how you optimize your theme and images. Compress them with TinyPNG, make them the right size.

ty, guys.
So we need to Use optimal size of images too (Dont make browser resize it) ?
Sad thath with ghost i cant upload 2 images. 1 mini and second fullsize

Well the broser only resize it visually but the image is still huge. You can vote for Ghost Media Library if you want. The more votes the better.

Plus, Bironthemes makes really good themes (Yes, I bought one). Fast, too.

Correct. The feature image being scaled down like 80% size to becomes a thumbnail on the homepage is the main culprit for me. I didn’t realize a Media Browser could resolve this issue?

Would be awesome if our posts had a “thumbnail” upload and a “main image” upload so we could offer both for different purposes.

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is ghost really good on mobile?
considering it does not have service worker , something like that…

Ghost is simply a platform. It depends how good is your theme. Your theme can be responsive and look good on mobile, or it could look bad. Nothing to do with Ghost. You can still register a service worker from your theme.

Service Worker support is still extremely finikey in browsers; iOS either just recently or is about to get basic sw support. Additionally, as @HauntedThemes said, themes can register their own SW. Additionally, SWs are mostly used to create PWAs (of course, that’s not the only thing they’re limited to) which isn’t a requirement for a site to be functional on mobile

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yeah i admit it is optional…
which make me think…
does user go to our home page of our blog after they finish reading that AMP blog post?

by the way, ghost theme are using handlebarJS…
can i use mustacheJS with ghost theme?
i would like to create an AMP version of ghost theme…
since AMP only support mustacheJS for now

well, i believe thats sound crazy but i have seen a blog that built completely on AMP…but it is blogspot

can i register SW in casper theme?

Yes, you can. You can register a Service Worker on any theme you want. Here is a nice website that does a nice introduction on Service Worker. A lot of examples too:

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No, Ghost themes are handlebars only.

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