Inquiry about Email Hosting and Migration to GhostPro

Hello, greetings. I have a major question (which might be considered trivial, so I apologize, but I’m a beginner). We have an online digital newspaper running on WordPress. Due to some issues, we have been contemplating the possibility of migrating to GhostPro. However, our newspaper website is hosted with a provider that includes email service (SMTP) as part of its package. If we decide to switch to GhostPro, will we need to contract a separate email hosting service, or does GhostPro provide this service? Thank you.


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Ghost(Pro) includes newsletter emails as part of its service. However, it’s not an SMTP email service. I’d start a free trial via to see how the service works for you. You can also reach out to for precise information related to your hosting. Finally, check out other news organizations using Ghost here: Explore — Browse publications & featured writers

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Thank you for your prompt response and helpful information! I truly appreciate it. I have already sent the same inquiry to the support email of the GhostPro platform as you suggested. I’ll also start a free trial to explore the service further. In the meantime, I will check out the other news organizations using Ghost through the link you provided. Thanks again for your assistance!

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