How can I run my Ghost site in Stripe test mode?

I’ve connected Stripe to Ghost and need to test our payments flow.

I can’t find anywhere on the Ghost admin, where you can toggle between production and testing mode in Stripe. i.e I can’t switch between the sandbox API key / production keys.

My site is currently password protected and isn’t launched yet, so I’m able to do this now without disrupting any users.

Does anyone know how to do this?


When you connect, you create the connection in one mode or another. You can’t swap once connected.

On the membership settings page there’s a “Connected to Stripe” indiciator

Clicking on it will show you what mode you are in:

You can also disconnect, and reconnect in the opposite mode.

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Thanks Hannah,

The thing I’m concerned about is if this will break anything. Such as my premium tiers, which I’ve already put a lot of work into setting up.

Will my premium tiers be removed/broken if I disconnect my Stripe account, reconnect it as the test mode, and then disconnect/reconnect it as the production mode later? Or will they stay intact, and work regardless?

Ideally it’d be great if Ghost had a toggle switch for test mode, and when connecting your Stripe account you can put both the production/sandbox API keys, then toggle between them at any time.