Stripe mode is showing (TEST)

We setup Stripe and launched our newsletter. First sale came in and when I click to check the Stripe connection it says test. I don’t remember seeing that. I’m trying to disconnect and reconnect to non-test (prod). But since there is a Stripe customer it won’t let me. The credit card payment cleared and it’s showing in our normal Stripe transactions (nothing to indicate test). It is ok to leave it on test? @Hannah

I ended up having to delete the user record, refund the customer in stripe, disconnect and then reconnect (making sure test mode wasn’t selected). Which I’m 100% sure it wasn’t the first time, but maybe during a migration before we went live something got screwed up. Now it’s showing a normal connection to Stripe. No test mode. There has to be a better way of handling this in the future. If I hadn’t caught this right away we could have lost and had to refund a bunch of subscriptions.

I found my Stripe integration showing test today also. It has billed two subscriptions, as recently as this week. The display is apparently incorrect?