Need to reconnect Stripe but I have paid members

Hello -

I set up my checkout initially with Stripe in test mode, thinking I could change it later, and now I can’t figure out where to go to take it out of test mode! I’m not able to disconnect Stripe and reconnect it because I already have paid members that signed up. I don’t know if they’ve been charged but the transactions aren’t showing up in Stripe.

Can I get some help? I was hoping there would be a support chat but I can’t find that anywhere.


Test mode is exactly that -for testing. It doesn’t bill anyone for anything. I suspect (but am not sure) that when you disconnect and reconnect, they’re not going to end up being automatically charged, because I don’t think the test side of Stripe and the actual Stripe share any data. Your best bet is probably to download them (getting their email addresses), then disconnect and reconnect. Then you can try deleting and re-importing the members in Ghost, but I think it’s going to fail, because the Stripe customer IDs will be for the test version of Stripe.
So then you’ll need to email them and ask them very very nicely if they’re mind signing up again, please. Hopefully they signed up to support you financially because they wanted to pay for your site, and will sign up again!

If you’re on (Ghost Pro) hosting, they do email support (