How to test stripe integration in Test mode?


I have a self-hosted instance of Ghost through Digital Ocean. I have setup everything including the integration with Stripe. While integrating with Stripe, I checked the “Test Mode” option.

But when I try to subscribe and enter a test card, I get an error saying " Your card was declined. Your request was in live mode, but used a known test card. "

I used the test card that is mentioned on the stripe documentation here . How do I test if the subscription and the Stripe transaction is working as expected?

Let me know. Thanks.

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According to the message, it seems you have connected your stripe to ghost as Live mode.

Can you make sure it’s connected in test mode?

If you go to Setting > Membership & click on Connected to Stripe & verify its connected in test mode

Thanks @inoryum . I wasn’t enabling the Test mode checkbox before connecting with Stripe and hence it would end up connecting in live mode. Fixed it now.


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you are welcome!