How can the pages be edited?

I would like edit the main page, but I don’t see any options to do so. I would like to add new sections, images, remove login and subcribe buttons and change che background etc. Is that possible using via the browser, or only via editing the theme files?

Hi! Welcome to Ghost!

For color changes and hiding things, you want code injection, which you can do without editing the theme files. For rearranging sections, theme editing is probably the most straightforward option.

Here’s a tutorial for code injection:

Another thing you might consider is serving a page as the front page, rather than whatever your theme is serving now. (That varies from theme to theme.) Here’s a quickie on how to set up routes.yaml to do that: Starting Ghost: Custom homepage

Here’s a tutorial for building a custom home page by editing the theme, which would be a good place to start if you decide you want to edit the theme: How to build a custom homepage for your Ghost theme