How do I change "Member discussion" wording above comment section on posts?

I’ve tried searching various hsb files (index, default, post, etc.) for this language, but haven’t found it. Does anyone know where I can find it? Would appreciate any suggestions!

Details on how to customize the comments UI (including how to change the wording) is here:

Thanks! I see I have to customize the “title” attribute. How do I do that?

Edit your theme, specifically the post.hbs file. Find where the comments helper is and replace it like this:

{{comments title="Your custom title"}}

Thanks, Ryan. I don’t see any portion that says “comments title”. Below is the entire section of all mentions of “comment”. Any suggestions? Thanks again for your help!

{{#if comments}}



    <footer class="gh-article-footer gh-canvas{{#if @site.comments_enabled}}{{#unless @member}} no-border{{/unless}}{{#unless access}} no-border{{/unless}}{{/if}}">
        <nav class="gh-navigation">
            <div class="gh-navigation-previous">
                    <a class="gh-navigation-link" href="{{url}}">
                        <span class="gh-navigation-label">{{> icons/arrow-left}} Previous Post</span>
                        <h4 class="gh-navigation-title">{{title}}</h4>

            <div class="gh-navigation-middle"></div>

            <div class="gh-navigation-next">
                    <a class="gh-navigation-link" href="{{url}}">
                        <span class="gh-navigation-label">Next Post {{> icons/arrow-right}}</span>
                        <h4 class="gh-navigation-title">{{title}}</h4>

Where it says {{comments}}, replace it with {{comments title="xyz"}}.

That worked. Thanks so much! Appreciate it.

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