Native comments signup section customisation

I’ve created a Ghost Pro template for myself, and it all works great. But I can’t find any information about customising this part…

…is there any way to do this currently?

Right now, on my site, I have the comments section hidden with {{if @member.paid}}, but I’d like to show the comments to everyone and have the section (above) customised.

Any help in the right direction would be great!


I believe the text is part of the core code, although you can change the CSS to match your theme (but not the horizontal lines.)

AFAIK, only members may view and add comments.

Ok understood. I was hoping for some handlers I may have missed. I did do the CCS thing to test it out, but it’s not the most elegant, as you can’t change much of it.

Here’s to hoping we’ll be able to change it in the future.

I may have missed something, but agree that the ability to customize would be great.