How do I change my font in there

I can’t change the font of my theme inside ghost.
I am currently using the casper theme and I’m trying to seek help on tutorials.
The issue here is: every tutorial I’ve seen is pretty useful, It’s simple code. But, I don’t know how do I access the .hbs file from the theme.
The following image displays the menu I have.
Can somebody please tell me where can I access this famous .hbs file please?
It’s really important, I’m gonna get firedCaptura

Hi @Jose_Lagunes!

If you go to the “Design” section under “Settings” - you will be able to see your active theme(s). From here you can download the themes, and inside you’ll see all the .hbs and .css/.js files. You can edit this, and then zip them up again (with npm run zip or yarn zip) and then upload the theme in the same menu from which you downloaded it.

Hope this help!

You can easily change your fonts from .hbs files. If you want that you have to follow these steps:

  1. Download the theme from Design option.
  2. Open the theme file into the editor and find default.hbs file.
  3. Collect the google font link and add that.
  4. To zip again run npm install or yarn to install node_modules.
  5. Run gulp zip
  6. You will get a zip file in dist >
  7. Upload again the zip file in the site.

Follow the instruction you will get the solution.
If you fail to add new font, contact with me. I will help you.

You can message here:

Best regards
Enamul Haque