Change Themes in Source Code

So I cloned into the official Ghost Repo and now I did a global search for Casper, and I get 280 results in 33 files, which is a lot and i cant happen to find any documentation for devs yet, so I just wanted to ask in this round if anybody knows which crucial files I need to change and fill in my own theme, which I already dezipped into the themes folder. Thanks!

Why exactly are you trying to change the theme in source? Casper is the fallback theme in case your custom theme doesn’t work.

Your best bet would be to update the theme in the design section of the admin interface.

If you really want to change the default theme source, try modifying core/server/data/schema/default-settings.json, or modify the active_theme key in the settings table.

As an aside, most of the occurrences for casper are outside of the core code - most of the references are in the tests or submodule

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I got that build error on’s now serverless deployment platform. So no front end unless successful deployment. I now realised for some reason the theme folder is empty in the official Ghost Git Repository where I pulled the themes folder from. I now overrode the empty casper folder with the theme I want to be applied. This worked. Thanks also for your reply. I will mention the coming riddles in other threads if necessary. Let’s get this Zeit thing working once and for all! :slight_smile: