How do I set Italian language in my new ghost-based blog?

Hello guys. I wanna start a new publication and a premium newsletter and I’m considering to use ghost. I’m currently exploring ghost’s functionalities before subscribing some premium plan. I’m currently testing the Casper theme, hosted by digitalpress, free plan. I’ve been exploring the settings for several hours and I couldn’t find any way to translate the language of the theme. My audience is Italian and i would like to translate every word of the theme (for example “subscribe” → “iscriviti”). I don’t need a multilingual website, I just wanna translate every word in Italian. I texted to Digitalpress’s assistance, they answered that Casper doesn’t support any localisations at the moment. So, I asked them if there’s a list of theme supporting Italian. I’ve been told that they have no idea, and maybe asking here could be a good idea. So guys, do you know if there’s any way I can set Italian language in a Ghost/Casper based blog? Or alternatively, somebody knows some Italian themes? Thanks