How have you found Ghost compared to Wordpress for SEO?

For each post, Ghost includes Meta Data and Code Injection. This is quite beneficial from an SEO standpoint.

I wanted to ask about that, it is not clear to me if this needs to be filled out. When left blank, what happens? Do you know?

Ghost has a full suite of SEO features out of the box (no plugins required), including automatic and custom meta data, Twitter and Facebook cards, automatic sitemaps, structured data, and RSS feeds.

The speed of your blog is another important factor for SEO. Independent tests have found Ghost to be up to 1900% faster than WordPress - read more. In a nutshell, if you’re using a well optimized theme and images, you can expect to benefit from good site performance.

@Crypto_Fireside If you leave the meta data blank, Ghost automatically uses the data available as a fallback. For example, if you don’t set a meta title, the title of the post is used. If you don’t set a meta description, then the excerpt or the first section of the post is used :slight_smile:

Bear in mind that Google may choose to display different meta data in the search results than what you provide!


OK that is what I thought and answers my question thanks.

On the topic of speed for SEO and images.

1] what is the recommended image type, size, and aspect ratio? or where can I find this info please? I have noticed the featured image in Casper looks horrible most times and search console is giving me a ton of LCP warnings Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

@Crypto_Fireside feature image aspect ratio varies across different themes, but for Casper a regular 16:9 should work. Bear in mind that if you use images that shouldn’t be cropped (e.g. diagrams) then you may bump into issues with that.

If you are using featured images where cropping is an issue, Casper actually has a dedicated layout that you can use. If you go to the Design settings page, under Homepage → Feed layout, and select the “Grid” option.

Read more about automatic image resizing. We also recently added a new img_url helper, which has not been added to Casper yet but it’s on our radar.

UX is 1000% is better than WordPress. We switched from WordPress. Organic growth is increased. I am injecting FAQ, review schema manually.

As you can see, it show up correctly.

It’s faster, easier, prettier and better than WordPress for blogging.

Don’t hesitate to use Ghost.


I moved to Ghost from WordPress in 2020 April and I never need any kind of plugin or services for SEO. Everything is there. Ghost never dissapointed me.

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I’ve also heard about Ghost for quite some time, but only recently decided to use it. In my opinion, it is really much better than wordpress. SEO is a new stage in my life, I used to work in another field and when I decided to get a job at crowdo and work in SEO, I didn’t really like working with wordpress from the very beginning. And when I used ghost on the advice of a friend, I realized that this is exactly what I need. It’s cool that progress is moving forward and something new is constantly coming to replace the old systems, sites, programs. I expect that in the future everything will be even easier.

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I would love to learn how you did that. So far, my attempts to add review and FAQ schemas haven’t been successful.


I too would be interested in learning how you did that.

I have written about Ghost SEO advantages and optimization tips spending more than +8 hours with 10 years experience:

Ghost is better then wordpress in terms of SEO however if you have customized wordpress it has also good SEO advantages.

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Could you provide this?

I’m not an expert and haven’t tried this, so will need validating first, but I think you can paste this in the code injection of the specific page. replace with the relevant schema

<script type="application/ld+json">
    "@context": "",
    "@type": "Recipe",
    "name": "{{recipe_name}}",
    "image": [ "{{recipe_image}}" ],
    "author": {
      "@type": "Person",
      "name": "{{recipe_author}}"
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One week in with Ghost, I can say for SEO you have one advantage out of the box: speed. Ghost is extremely faster compared to wordpress. Expecially on mobile. Also, the admin panel is usable also from smartphone, something that is basically impossible with Wordpress. I can say that you don’t have all, but the basics you need to rank your pages with Ghost.

Maybe one thing I miss for SEO is the possibility to do internal links directly from the editor, with the possibility to search the pages to link directly from the text field. Something that is not possibile with Ghost (for now).

At the beginning I missed Yoast SEO, but over time I realized that was basically useless. I already know how to edit a page for SEO, so Yoast became a bit redundant.

The no-plugin policy of Ghost is definitely successful. Because in this case you have much less security problems and an extremely faster website overall.

I just wish some SEO functions, such as the table of content or the FAQ were integrated. But I guess they will come if we ask for them enough.

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My blog ranked easily and I just published everyday. I love how automatic it is.


Hey there! I’m new to this forum but have some experience with Ghost and WordPress for SEO. In my experience, Ghost has some great built-in SEO features, which can save you a lot of time and hassle with third-party integrations like YOAST SEO for WordPress.

I really miss this ability.


You can vote for this here Internal linking between posts - #11 by Benn

I saw them drop a code that will give you TOC

Ahrefs does link checks and suggestions for free.

What Ghost is missing for SEO is tools to automatically insert links, a leaky paywall option, easier SEO configurations and default settings (like Yoast), easy bulk editing (can’t even open posts in a new window in the editor), and better internal searches/filters (show all posts with the same keyword in a single page for bulk editing, etc).