I really need your opinion

Hi folks.

I am a WordPress front-end designer (using Genesis and child themes). I don’t code, other than using the Inspect Element function to figure out CSS and trawling Google. I always get by.

I am soon going to create a blog which I anticipate will see a lot of traffic over time (here’s hoping). I very much like the idea of restricting content for premium members, so Ghost has me covered on that.

Okay…so I love Ghost’s simplicity and the themes are much better out of the box than any I use (I use StudioPress themes, which are good, but nowhere near as beautiful as, say, what Aspire Themes produce.

But…and here it is…

…I am hesitant. I wrote a long list of challenges I see with Ghost, and I can’t quite shake them.

I am now hung up on SEO and it seems Ghost has downfalls in this regards in terms of lack of control when compared with WordPress.

I also note the absence of a media library.

Am I overthinking this?

I just can’t help thinking Ghost may be too infantile for me to invest in, given my experience with WordPress. But WordPress is a hassle to maintain, and the themes are so 2008.

I’m kind of stuck.

I guess I’m asking if you can persuade me.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Graeme,
Wp & Ghost has different purpose. Ghost is a pure publishing platform where wp is a cms. So how they work is totally different.
If you talk about SEO ghost has SEO built-in which is better then some premium wp plugins.
Regarding media manager, its not needed in ghost if you think its as a pure Publishing or Blogging Platform.

If you think of ghost themes so there are not many themes compare to other platforms but all the themes have good quality of code & design.

Ghost is best for its purpose & its simplicity.