How I can migrate Ghost to another server?

Hi, I’m running Bitnami Ghost Image on AWS EC2 instance. I want migrate all the data include post, image, url, settings etc to another server. How i can do this ? Please help anyone it possible.


You didn’t mention if the new server will have all the same versions of software as the old server.

File system sync

One option is transfer all the related file systems assets and even the MySQL data directory on the old server and… Really as long as the new system is compatible with the old, you can transfer practically everything and turn the new server on.

Export / Import

If you are transitioning to a very different version of MySQL, Node, Ghost and the OS, it may be better to:

  1. do a “clean install” of Ghost on the new server,
  2. run a Ghost export on the old server
  3. Run a Ghost import on the new server
  4. Fix whatever else is not still not in sync.

Images are not usually included in the export/import, so those likely need to copied to the parallel location on the new server anyway.

Lots of Resources

After I wrote this, I see there are lots of resources out there for migrating Ghost to new servers:

Check out those and ask a more specific question if you have one.