How to migrate to another server


I intend to keep the same domain with the same content, but i’m trying to move the site to another server. Is there any way to do this without losing data?

I’m checking the official docs, but only show the Ghost to Ghost(Pro) migration.

Thanks in advance,

It depends on how you are running Ghost. Docker, OS install or whatever.
But the general steps are the same:

Create a MySQL dump from the database.

Then you have to copy everything in the content folder (that is where ghost stores images and various other things) and the database dump to the new server.

Import the database dump into your new database, move the content folder to the right location.

Switch DNS to the new server and you are good to go.

If you are running docker you can take some inspiration from my set-up which I recently blogged about:

Self Hosting a Ghost blog with docker-compose, Mailgun setup, and Stripe subscriptions

You will see that I only need to move the ghost content folder from the Ghost container and the database data.
That’s everything regarding Ghost.