How many weekly visitors do you get to your blog and email subscribers

Am curious how many visitors to your website do you get on average a week? Is most of your traffic coming from SEO or other avenues?

Also do you get many people subscribing to your mailing list?

I have published 22 articles, and only 2 are really popular.

I get about 250 visitors each week.

90% of it is from SEO.

Around 2% suscribes (+5 people every week).

Traffic depends on your subject and purpose. We’re the first daily news outlet in our community since 1835. I’m still in the process of moving to Ghost Pro, but I don’t expect these numbers to change much from my current platform. Google Analytics says:

  • 14,000 views per week
  • 26% from organic social media
  • 25% from organic search
  • 20% from direct visits
  • 15% from email newsletter
    I post at least once a day. My newsletter has 2,000 daily subscribers after three years. We don’t advertise.