How often do you post to your blog

On average how often do you post to your blog?

Do you find that posting more often everyweek brings in more traffic via SEO?

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On average how often do you post to your blog?

Anywhere from daily to bi-monthly, depending on how busy I am with other stuff in life. Also depends on if I currently have guest posts scheduled, and if I’m currently working with freelance writers on more content than I can write solo.

Do you find that posting more often everyweek brings in more traffic via SEO?

Sure. That is fairly common generic SEO advice. The more content you have, the more stuff that gets indexed by search engines, which results in more traffic and signals to search engines that you have “topical authority”. It also shows search engines that your site is actively being updated with fresh content.

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I’ve been averaging just under 1 post/month for going on ten years.

Quality seems to trump quantity, as far as I can tell. The traffic from a single well-written article that hits a nerve and goes viral (or answers a question people want to know the answer to, and gets inbound links as a result) dwarfs the traffic from regularly posting. That said, it’s hard to tell in advance what will resonate, and being prolific (if it doesn’t compromise quality) increases “luck surface area”.

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Weekly for over a decade. Now and again a post gets picked up by Google News or Hacker News and things go berserk, but generally readership increases relatively steadily, by 10-20% per year (in page reads, comments or subscriptions).

The things that made the biggest impact to improved recruitment and retention were:

  1. Posting regularly, same time, same day, every week
  2. Increasing post length to produce substantive articles. However, these could be of interest to only a subset of a very broad readership … but I make sure I write something reasonably regularly for beginners, experienced, and others with a specialist interest in my subject.
  3. Including humour, reasonably engaging writing and good outbound links
  4. Ensuring seasonal topicality of posts - in my case writing stuff that of relevance for the summer, in the summer. 75% of my readership is northern hemisphere.
  5. Responding promptly (<24 hours) to submitted comments

1 and 2 had a much bigger effect than 3 and 4.

I don’t take a lot of notice about SEO (site is currently being moved from Wordpress to Ghost and I used to use the free Yoast plugin, only taking any notice of paragraph length, avoiding too many sentences starting with the same word and basic keyword choice).

I avoid clickbait-type titles like the plague … this might be personal bias, but I usually find they lead to rubbish content. I never use any ChatGPT-generated content of any kind.


I’ve been posting once a week, every Monday, for about 15 months. I rarely will send something extra, just in email, for subscribers, when I have a private message. My audience is not very “online” so I’m not getting hardly any referrals. I moved from Substack to Ghost and am still learning my way around.

I support the above comment with the 5-point list. Consistency is the biggest thing IMO, so start with something that feels easy to accomplish. You can always send bonus content.


I tried to post once a week but in the meanwhile i come up to once a month. It depends on the subscriber count. When I have more paid subscriber, that supports me, then I post more often.

But sometime I dont know so much topics to write about