How to change mailto email in Ghost Portal

Hi, I’m currently using a version of Lyra.

OS: Ubuntu, v18.04.5 LTS
Node Version: v12.20.2
Ghost Version: 3.41.4
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.15.3

With that said, when a person is subscribed to my blog they have the option to contact support under the “your account” tab. After inspecting the source code I see it sends an email to the false address below.

Contact support

I’d like to change that. So I updated the default address to a preferred one in the config file, thinking that may solve it. It still leads to the noreply address however.

This is configured in the members settings :slight_smile:

Ok, I got it. Thanks! However, I’m still having some issue with changing the address. It keeps saying Retry.

Just to confirm, I successfully changed the issue above. For some reason it would only take an email with my domain (i.e.

@shunslab The most likely cause for this is your Mail config setup, which might have restrictions or is maybe in sandbox mode that allows sending emails to only your domain but not others. The Retry error here is because of your mail service not able to send verification email to any other address entered.

Yeah I’m not entirely sure why it wasn’t taking the addresses I tried. I’m not the most technical when it comes to these things but it seemed fairly straightforward. Leave a support email for members to contact me from. That was the intent. Then I thought to try a domain email from another service and luckily it was accepted.