Customise "Contact support" email when using Gmail

I was just wondering if it is currently possible to customise the email address in this Your account popup:

I don’t use Mailgun, only a Gmail SMTP. I have set up the From email in my email config file but the Contact support link seems to ignore it, choosing a noreply@< mydomain> variant instead.

I’m on a self-hosted system, version 4.5.0.

I’m quite new to Ghost so any help would be greatly appreciated.

In your admin panel (yourdomain/ghost), under “Settings > Email newsletter > Email addresses (click ‘expand’)” you should be able to change your support email address here.

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Many thanks for your prompt reply. I don’t see the Email newsletter section under Settings and I can only guess this is probably because I haven’t properly migrated the blog from version 3 to 4. It was naive to assume a simple Docker image upgrade would be enough…

But thanks anyway, it’s good to know this setting is configurable!

No problem! I think restarting ghost would make the upgrade stick.

Nop, that wouldn’t be enough. Having previously set up my blog v3, I then docker-pulled version 4 and rebuilt/restarted the containers. Interestingly enough, the system would report it is on the updated version but the Email setting would be nowhere to be seen.

I’ve just fired up a fresh instance and I can see the Email setting (and also the Payments one just next ot it) in the admin. Off to fix my broken upgrades now :smiley:

Interesting, will take note if I’m ever using Docker for this. All the best!