One time purchase / per post paid access

Ghost Members / Stripe integration is great - thanks for everyone making this happen! With Members publishers can do only do recurring charges. Yet there may be content / posts that could work as one time purchases - long form essays / videos / maybe even as “no strings attached” single post previews purchases etc.

Naively, I look at this as option in post access setting, where you pick “Paid” and can enter the price and under the hood Stripe product is created etc. and you

But I understand that there’s a lot questions/complexity this brings on the table, so just wandered if this is something team considered and what’s your opinion about this?

The economics of 1 time purchases for small pieces of content (aka micropayments) don’t work - many have tried - nobody has ever succeeded, which is the main reason we focus on subscriptions. This is covered in more detail on

The economics do work for larger pieces of content, like albums or movies, but at that point you’re talking about ecommerce - which is not what Ghost is for, and you’d be better off using something like Shopify

That’s what I assumed too. Thank you for your answer (love how Ghost remains super focused)

No worries :hugs: