How to customize the location of a paywall?

Is it possible to adjust the position within a post where the “Members Only!” notice appears?

In most themes, this seems to be right after the custom excerpt. It’d be very useful if this could be inserted anywhere using a snippet in the editor.

So a post could have:

  1. [public introductory content]; then
  2. [a conditional members-only notice]; and finally
  3. [members content].

It could be used in a context where the content is laid out as:

  1. General idea; then
  2. Conditional members-only notice; and finally
  3. Specific higher-value content (but for members only)

Does that make sense? Is that possible?

Just saw this. Similar idea: (“Ghost Preview”)

You definitely can edit the Members Only notice in any theme and change the style or copy in your post.hbs template — and you can currently expose the custom excerpt on the page as the public introduction to a member-only post. This method does have a character limit — but we have some updates being released in the next few weeks that I think you’ll find useful :slight_smile:

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