How to display only posts with specific tag in index page

I want to hide posts with certain tag from the index. Let’s say I have two categories on my site: “news” with daily posts and “long-reads” with weekly posts.

I want my index to display only “long-reads” and have separate section for “news” or vice verca.

There is a couple solutions mentioned here, but they’re insufficient:

  1. {{get}} helper doesn’t support pagination
  2. Filtering posts inside {{foreach}} also affect pagination—for instance if I have 7 “news” and 1 “long-read” in the past week, my first page will contain only single post, despite the fact I have a bunch of old “long-reads”.

What is the best solution to achieve this? Maybe stick index to tag page? But then I’ll lose “tag” header which is also no good…

I used the collections method:

This is what happens when you haven’t read the docs—something that I’ve spent hours to figuring out how to do is already described :slight_smile: Collections and channels are exactly what I’ve looked for!

Thank you very much!