Newsletter Only (no Membership possible?)

Is there a way that I can just utilize the newsletter function without my site having membership capabilities? In other words, all my content is free for all users and but I want the utilize how easy Ghost makes it to subscribe to the newsletter. It seems like a fairly obvious use case but I don’t see how to avoid someone coming to the site, signing up and then seeing messages about upgrading and things that they probably are not expecting if they just want to subscribed to the newsletter.

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From what I understand you want to use Ghost memberships but with only a free newsletter without charging memberships to members.

If that’s the case, you can use Ghost normally but don’t connect it to a Stripe account, and this way your readers can only become free members.


If you create a signup form in your theme that uses data-members-form="subscribe" - this will modify the language used in the confirmation emails to be purely newsletter-subscription centric.

More details here:

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Hi Nic,

I’m guessing it’s just copy in your theme which is prompting upgrading. If this is the case, you can edit this yourself if you can download the theme from your Design Settings.

It’s interesting you mention this as I’m working on some new newsletter-first themes at the moment. An ability to remove all “paid” text and options might be good to have.

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hey nic it is possible to use the newsletter only
I have create a subscribe form if u want then i can send h the code and the css of the form