How to edit the output of {{ghost_head}}


Hi Guys,
Basically I want to take advantage of Google’s Freshness Factor To get a ranking Boost as explained in this post

From my research, I found out that the tag {{ghost_head}} in default.hbs of Casper theme is responsible for outputting structured data.

What I want to do is edit the structured data so that the datePublished value is always equal to the dateModified value. Any ideas where I should be looking?

I also want to fix this issue. I know what to add but not sure where exactly to add it


Thanks in advance.


The tactic described is cheap and almost certainly ineffective, rather a ticket to Google’s spammers shortlist.

If someone does need to edit the content of the structured data, for more legitimate reasons, all they can do for now is skip {{ghost_head}} altogether and do their own thing there.


The tactic described is cheap and almost certainly ineffective

It’s also unnecessary. The sitemap files contain the last modified date as well as the post meta data having modified and publish dates, Google and other search engines will use as needed, trying to game it by continuously changing the publish date is unlikely to end well.

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