CommentBox alternative to Disqus

#1 seems like a good alternative to Disqus. Does anybody use it?


I do, it works perfectly


Thank you so much for sharing.
I hate disqus, he only gave me problems.
Today I will implement


If Facebook is a thing for you, you can also try this integration for Facebook comments:


personally I prefer the multiple social login


Thanks for sharing this!


Could someone point me in the direction of getting CommentBox running in Ghost? The general instructions from CommentBox aren’t very clear


Well maybe if you want to pay for another service, this is good. But 100 comments will likely run out as soon as any website gains traffic… unless you pay


I was looking for a Disqus alternative as well. Looks good so far! Installing utterances commenting system to finally replace Disqus


Free, selfhosted, easy implement in any theme. Using it for a while now.


Google Plus comment would be a good alternative too,


Why would you suggest Google plus when they announced in October that their API’s will be shut down in March this year? Have you missed that news perhaps?


Thank you. I will use it for my website


Here you have another alternative for comments. This comment system mentioned me danielperez9430

More Info:
Open Source:


JustComments seems quite cool, too : Not free. I’m currently trying it.