How to Integrate S3 in AWS Lightsail instance?

Does anyone know how to integrate s3 storage to save multimedia in an instance installed in AWS Lightsail using Bitnami?

I followed this guide GitHub - colinmeinke/ghost-storage-adapter-s3: An AWS S3 storage adapter for Ghost but it doesn’t seem to apply to instances installed via Bitnami in AWS Lightsail

Just an update on this, here are some few articles that helped me finish the setup hope it helps

  1. How to Set Up a Ghost Blog in AWS including a CDN ($6/month)

  2. Install Ghost 4.0 on Amazon Lightsail Using Bitnami With S3 Integration and Mailgun

  3. 【 Cloud 】將 Amazon Lightsail Ghost Blog 中的圖檔上傳到 AWS S3