How to Link Posts to a Page?

Hey I am new to Ghost and Web Design in general. I am great at following instructions.

This request may seem simple or stupid but I would appreciate any help! My site is

I have a page on ghost Florida Dispensary Deals that I want to make a “pillar” for my seo content and I want to link several of my other blog posts tagged with the public tag Deals - GreenHaven to this page.

How should I accomplish this?
I have heard about using ghost api and get function
And have also seen on other ghost blogs different posts linked to a page like this:

But I am open to any solution (preferably the simplest!)

Thank you in advanced for any help!

Your screenshot looks like a collection of bookmarks, with a little bit of custom CSS on the bookmarks. You can make those in the Ghost editor, by typing /bookmark on an empty line and them entering the URL.

An easy way to display a collection of posts with the same tag is to use the build in tags page. If your tag is ‘swimming’, you’d go to /tag/swimming and see a list of all posts with that tag, along with the name of the tag, description, and sometimes image (It depends on the theme), if you’ve set that up on the tag. (To edit a tag, use the ‘Tags’ link from the Ghost dashboard then click the specific tag.

If you need something more complex than that, yes, you certainly could write something. It’s probably easiest to write a custom .hbs file than to use the API (because you’d have to manually style the content returned), but both are possibilities. The free Headline theme would be a good place to look for examples of pulling in posts with specific tags onto a page.

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