How to link specific posts to specific pages?

I’m new to Ghost. In building my site, I have different pages set up. I want to link specific posts to specific pages in Ghost, but I cannot figure this out. For example, if I had a page on a particular main topic [Health], I would only want to link my posts about health to [Health]. I would want my homepage to list random/new posts. Is this possible? I keep reading about tags, etc., but it doesn’t make sense.

You do need tags. If you tag the posts about health with a tag named health, then they’ll all be available at /tag/health

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I did exactly that, but my pages are still showing a 404 error when I click on the menu from the home screen?

Do you have a routes.yaml set up that’s putting those pages somewhere else? You can download your routes from Settings>Labs

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Not that I am aware of. I will check the settings out and see where it gets me. Thank you!