How to make glossary with ghost

Is there any idea how to make a glossary website using a ghost custom theme? I am using a custom theme and I want to make a glossary website for my website.

Structure something like this

Reference website:

  • Title / H1
  • Content Copy
  • Recent Posts / Related Content - related that keywords
  • CTA

Any idea?

So it looks to me like you could do that with Ghost. You’d want one term per blog post, and probably a ‘#glossary’ tag (unless that’s the only thing on the site) and probably a letter tag (i.e. “#startswithA”). Then your front page with be a listing of items, sorted by tag and then within the tag by post name.

Sounds doable to me! I’d pick a theme that you /basically/ like the looks of and start from there!

Post when you get stuck!

Hey, Cathy thank you for the response.

The site would be like /glossary/

You are suggesting that have to create A-Z letter tags and then post just like the normal ghost blog that we used to create, is it?

The index page should be like this…

The problem with this approach is that we can not get all the tags if tags are not associated with the post.

@RyanF @vanjungg I have the same problem it’s the glossary website like this: Glossary

Is there possible to make this kind of content in using custom theme ?

It’s possible to make that type of dictionary page.

You can use the #get helper to fetch posts in alphabetical order.

Check out: Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: get

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No, right, you’re going to have to tag each post with its letter.

Hi Keval_Rathod.

I’d like to create a glossary as well. Were you able to figure this out?

For what it’s worth, I’ve been trying to do a glossary setup as follows:

updated routes.yaml collections section as follows:

    permalink: /glossary/{slug}/
    filter: primary_tag:glossary
    template: post
    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index

Thus, anything tagged with glossary will be routed as website/glossary/post-slug

My main problem now is - I can’t figure out how to get a glossary index setup. I want to put the index at website/glossary/. I’ve added a glossary.hbs to create a template, but i can’t seem to get it working right. I’ll post back here if I figure it out.

  /glossary/ <--- not sure if this conflicts with the collections
    template:glossary  <--- not sure if it likes this

Unclear if its upset with the templates in my routes.yaml or if it’s just bad handlebars code in my glossary.hbs… OR because I previously created and deleted a /glossary/ page in the Ghost UI and maybe it’s mad now :sweat_smile:

The template there should be an index template, not a post template. It’s the template to deal with a grouping of posts, not a single post. If you switch the template to index, does that work? Then you’ll know routing is ok and glossary.hbs I’d to blame.

If you’re self hosting, you’ll need to restart to get the new hbs recognized, if you’re adding/editing it in place rather than uploading a new version of the theme. ghost run -D is awesome for debugging template problems on self-host or local install.