How to make prices page public?

Dear fellows, I am trying to make the signup page, where the prices a shown by Lyra, public.

Currently it point to a 404 error. any sugestion?

Edit: Sorry @leonardocamacho, I thought you meant a prices pages of it’s own rather than the “/signup/” page. I think you’re missing the routes.yaml file, you’ll need to upload that via Ghost admin for the pages to work as expected:

You can also check out our documentation. We’ve got some examples of creating sign up buttons:

As well as how to add prices:

These can be used in a custom Ghost template. Here’s a tutorial we’ve put together on how to create a custom template:

Hope this helps!

Can i use " /signup/: PUBLIC/signup" instead of " /signup/: members/signup"? I want that page to be accessible by everybody :slight_smile: a not oly for members

It will be public, the /members/ part in the value is just the name of the folder where the signup template lives in Lyra :slight_smile: