Is it possible to create a pricing page?

Some premium themes have a publicly viewable Members page with the pricing tiers. Is it possible to create such a page with the Lyra theme? The pricing tiers are visible if you’re signed up but not publicly (like I want).

Thanks in advance!

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Is it possible that the Pricing Tiers page has a members only setting?

I couldn’t find a setting in the labs tab. Is there a way to create such a public pricing page like in the themes?

The short answer is, yes.

The long answer is:
From what I can see in the routes.yml file of the theme and testing on the demo implementation, the route /signup points to /members/signup.hbs. If you open that template file, you’ll see that there are conditions set to display different content for paying members, non-paying members, and non-members.

You have a variety of options available to you depending on what behavior you want. I will caution you that the pricing content on this page assumes that the user is already a member and has javascript attached to the buttons. Since this page will be publicly viewable this assumption will be incorrect and the javascript will likely fail.

I would recommend modifying the buttons to have different behavior if the user is not yet a member, and allow the existing behavior if the user is a member.