Migrating from Self-hosted to Basic Plan

Hi everyone,

I have ghost blog hosted on digital ocean as a start.
Later on, I am planning to migrate to a plan from ghost.org.

  • Is it easy to migrate?
  • Will, it hurt my Traffic/SEO?

Thank you,

Export your theme (Login > Design > Installed Themes > Download Theme), Routes (Login > Labs > Download Current routes.yaml), and content (Login > Labs > Export Your Content) from your self-hosted blog. Then upload these files to the admin panel on ghost.org.

The only thing you’ll lose is images, which you’ll have to manually re-upload.

If you’re using the same domain, it shouldn’t hurt SEO. If you’re using a different domain, make sure you write a 301 redirect on all old pages to point to the new ones and submit a new sitemap to whatever webmaster tools you’re using.

If you are planning to move to ghost pro then contact ghost support via email & they will help you through the process

Regarding image : you can zip up the images & send it to ghost support & they will place the images for you as well