How to modify read more links for blog page?

I have created 10-12 blog posts but I see read more contains blog posts which are updated according to timestamp. Instead of that can I manually link blog to one specific blog? For example: Lets assume I have blog 1 to blog 10. Now for blog1 and in read more section I want to show blog 3, blog 7 and blog 4. For blog 2 in read more section I want to show blog 1, blog 10 and blog 3. Is this possible? I want to link related articles in read more section only.

It’s possible to create a customized read more section based on criteria other than publication date.

Which theme are you using?

Here’s an example of a read-more/related-posts block based on tags: Headline/related-posts.hbs at main · TryGhost/Headline · GitHub

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I am using casper 2 theme

So in my case I will have to create tags like this:

tag A → blog 3, 7 & 4
tag B → blog 1, 10 & 3

But in that case it can happen that single tag can have more than 3 blog posts. In that case there is no way to manually link blog posts is that correct?

a tag can certainly be assigned to more than three posts. It’s a many-to-many thing. :slight_smile:

Most themes that generate ‘related’ links are using the tag assigned to that blog entry to identify (automatically) other blog entries that have a the same tag. So you just tag your posts (i.e. ‘Programming’, ‘Hiking’, ‘Cooking’), and let the related links thing pull out reasonable next suggestions.

If you have strong feelings about entry 1 should always link EXACTLY entries 3, 4, and 7, but entry 3 should link something other than entries 1, 4, and 7, you might want to create those links manually. Perhaps take a look at the ‘bookmark’ card. Put each other entry in a bookmark card, and make your own ‘Read more’ header. That’s more work, but gives you 100% control.

Sorry did not get this point. Is this a feature? or is it specific to some theme?

When you hit the + button while editing (to the left of your paragraph), you can choose a bookmark card, and put the URL for a post in it. It’ll make a nice box (which you could change with css) with your entry’s title, link, and featured image. They look something like this, by default:


Thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:


+1 to the bookmark card solution - which I use a lot in conjunction with the “read more” section just to ensure the right links also appear. I don’t think you need to hit + first - you can just copy/paste the URL and the card pops up - at least in the Headline theme. (Anything to make life more efficient!) :)

I’m also looking into some customizations, e.g. always show the most recent three posts from the same primary tag… but it’s a work in progress.


That sounds like an easy fix. If you get stuck, holler! :slight_smile: