How to organise content into 'categories'?


I have read the documentation and searched the forum but I am still lost so hoping to get some help here.

I would like to write book reviews. I will have posts of many books by the same author AND multiple posts about the same book.

I would like a page that lists all the books and a page that lists all the authors. This is what I am struggling with.

I cannot figure out the best way to achieve this.

Can anyone help please?

This is something you’d need to customize your theme for, using the {{get}} helper to list tags and authors in a custom page template.

Some premium themes (like Genki) support tag and author pages out of the box, allowing you to create a page that lists all tags, like this, and all authors, like this.

Otherwise, you can also customize your current theme. Check out the experts directory if you need to hire a theme developer :)