How to publish articles in other languages on self-hosted ghost

Currently, we can publish the articles only in English. But, we’d like to upgrade and publish the articles in other languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, etc. Ideally, we want to host all the articles in the respective languages. Could someone guide me on this?

Example: (English) (Spanish) (French)

Nothing prevents you from publishing posts in any language you like. The challenge comes in the fact that Ghost isn’t really set up to support multiple languages at once. So, for example, your email notifications are going to be in one language, as is the membership portal. And unless you do some hacking on your theme, you’re going to have text strings and menu items in just one language.

Sites that need a 100% switchable language generally go with separate Ghost installs for each language. (You can still set up a reverse proxy that makes the urls look like those you listed.)

If you want to get routes like the ones you specified, with the limitations above, that’s very possible. Tag content with a tag (like #en) to indicate the language, then use routing (upload a routes.yaml) to get the different language on different routes. Ghost Themes - Dynamic URLs & Routing

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Have a look at this site I built in nine languages. Content is published in Italian and translated to English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese using DeepL translation API

Since they are separate Ghost sites fully localized, the AI-translations can be tuned by editing the translated posts. Pages load in under 2 seconds which is great for SEO and users.