Migrate your SSL from Letsencrypt to CloudFlare SSL

Hi folks,
I used to face issues with LE SSL while using cloudflare as DNS provider… So I have skipped using LetsEncrypt SSL when using Cloudflare as DNS provider. I have written an article about How you can use Cloudflare SSL Certificate with your ghost publication instead of LetsEncrypt if you are Using CloudFlare

I hope this will help you with that particular issue.

Note: this post is only for who is using cloudflare

I have never wrote a tutorial before so if you find any mistakes please let me know I will update.

Salehin Khan
Co-Founder & CEO, Inoryum Ltd.

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Hello, which type of errors were u getting?

Often i have errors 5xx with Cloudflare.

I’m investigating about it.

The most common error scenario is You are trying to issue a letsencrypt SSL when your DNS record entry is proxied, then the certificate issuing interrupt with some errors unable to authenticate
The reason is when you use Proxied dns entry, your domain points to the cloudflares IP not your server IP & Letsencrypt will only authenticate your server IP for verification.