How to remove shared_views?

I am trying to remove this oddly looking S view, which is just an alias for Draft posts.

Deleting from mysql database didn’t help

mysql> delete from settings where `key` = "shared_views";
mysql> select `key`,`value` from settings where `key` = "shared_views";
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Ghost version: 5.18.0

@tbhaxor click on that “s” to bring up that View…

… then click the Edit View icon as circled in red …

… now you should see the “Edit view” modal popup …

… then click the big red Delete button and that should do it!

It is redirecting me to Drafts (posts?type=draft), so maybe that is why I am not able to see the edit option. Is there anyway to delete this configuration from the database or file where it is stored?

Hmm… What happens when you click on that s in the sidebar within the site admin – can you take a full page screenshot?

It is redirecting me to the Draft href

I see… how did you create that view in the first place? :face_with_monocle:

To be honest, I couldn’t recall it now. But there was a button in the top right corner that asked for a name and colour. To test this feature, I had selected the orange colour and S as the name.

From an admin perspective, this is definitely weird! I wasn’t able to create a view with the only filter being “post is draft”, but I guess being able to is unexpected behavior :grimacing:

But from a “let’s get this fixed” perspective, did you restart ghost after altering the settings table? Ghost normally has an in-memory cache of the settings, so if you don’t restart the changes won’t be picked up.

aside: Ghost strongly recommends you use the Ghost API to interact with the database since changes are not always “side-effect” free


Restarting the site fixed the issue


@vikaspotluri123 welcome back – missed you!!!

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