How to Use Custom Excerpts?

Hello, can anyone provide more information on how to use custom excerpts to bypass the 300 word limit? The Ghost docs says the following.

If the post’s custom_excerpt property is set, then the helper will always output the custom_excerpt content ignoring the words & characters attributes.

How exactly do I set the ‘custom_excerpt’ property?

I also found this post on the Ghost blog, but the two images in this post appear to be the same image unless I am missing something -

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

Hi, you are at the right direction. Don’t be confused by 2 image. Add your custom text in that excerpt box. That is the place to add custom excerpt for your post.

Thank you, do you know if it’s possible to override the 300 word limit?

If you add custom excerpt in the previously mentioned box then there will not be any word limit.
Full custom excerpt will be shown.

If you do not add any custom excerpt then the world limit will take effect.
You can use words or characters options for your intended word length or characters length. ( you have to customize in your theme).

See the documentation.

Thank you for your response. The issue I am running into is this…

Here’s a screenshot showing my usage of the excerpt box.


As you can see, it is limiting me to 300 characters and it prevents me from publishing.

Thanks for the screenshot. Yes, at this moment the custom excerpt is limited to 300 character long.
Sorry, previously I was talking about character count within the theme.
At this moment you can not increase this 300 char limit without hacking the ghost core.
May be someone from ghost insider can help you more.