In Ghost 2.7.1 Words And Characters Limit Not Working

{{#foreach posts}}
    <div class="blog-list">
        <div class="list-block block-{{@number}} wow fadeIn" data-wow-duration="2s">
            <span>{{date published_at format="DD MMMM Y"}}</span>
            <h2><a href="{{url}}">{{title}}</a></h2>
            <p>{{excerpt characters="5"}}</p>
            <div class="btn-read"><a href="{{url}}">Read More</a></div>

In The Post Loop Excerpts Words Or Characters Limit Are Not Working. Any One Facing The Same Problem In Ghost 2.7.1 Version .

Hey Rubel!

Do you maybe use custom excerpt for your posts? The characters attribute is ignored in that case.

:point_right: Ghost Handlebars Theme Helpers: excerpt

i am using “excerpt” not “custom_excerpt”. I think It is a bug.

This works fine.

@Rubel What Aileen meant is: Are you making use of this feature Custom Excerpts?

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