How to use Mailgun and Zoho Mail for email within domain name? [MX records problem]

I’m facing a problem with the Ghost setup.

So in short I’m hosting Ghost on Digital Ocean droplet, using Mailgun for email delivery and newsletter, this uses Mailgun API and SMTP settings within the config file for login links and other stuff.

I want to get an email within my domain name but realized during Zoho mail setup that this will need another MX record. You can’t have many MX records from different providers.
Is there a way to set up differently all emails delivered by Ghost to use Mailgun without need for MX records for my domain and use an email from Zoho?

Or maybe you know a way around it that I didn’t think about?

This is entirely possible; I use Mailgun and Proton on the same domain. The important thing to do is use a subdomain for Mailgun, e.g.,, and the bare domain for Zoho.

Thanks for the suggestion. I would never think of using a subdomain for such configuration.
This should solve my problem.

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