Using Mailgun and Mailchimp together with the same domain?

Hi all,

I am already using Mailchimp connected to my main domain to send newsletters to my audience.

I am using Ghost (self-hosted) for the blog part.

I would like to send the articles I write on Ghost to my audience: it renders better from Ghost than by using the RSS automation of Mailchimp.

The question is:

Can I use Mailgun and Mailchimp together with the same domain (or Mailgun with a subdomain ?

Can you confirm me too that Mailgun is free if I stay in the limits of the free tier ? I read in another post a while ago that yes but I didn’t try the manipulation ([solved] Mailgun has quietly removed their "pay as you go" offer. Any new option to be integrated with Ghost's native newsletter? - #9 by dabitch)


Mailgun still has an essentially free account; simply search this forum for details on selecting Flex.

And yes, you can use Mailgun with the same root domain Setup MX records for a new subdomain, e.g., mx.your.domain.