How to use public preview feature

I am trying to create a lead magnet but the public preview feature seems to be broken.

Issue Summary

  • After creating a member-specific content using Public Preview, only the subscribers should see it. Instead, anyone can see it.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new post
  2. Add some public content.
  3. Add public preview divider below the public content.
  4. Add member-specific content below the divider.
  5. Publish the post and access it in the browser as a non-subscriber.

Expected: The protected content after the divider shouldn’t be visible.
Actual: I can read the member-specific content, even though I am not logged-in or subscribed to the blog.

Ghost Version: Ghost (PRO).

While Editing

After Publishing

Have you set the post visibility to be members-only? If the post is set to be public then the public preview card won’t do anything


Thanks, @Kevin. I updated the Post access to ‘Members only’, but I can still see the protected content when previewing the post.

You’re showing a screenshot of the editor, not the post, and everything has to be visible in the editor to create content. When you publish the post, content after the preview is only visible to members.

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Thanks for your reply, @mjw.

I added the editor screenshot to point to the ‘Post access’ field in the sidebar, the ‘Protected Content’ was still showing up in the preview.

However, you’re right. After publishing the post, the protected content is hidden as expected.

Thank you so much for your help on this, @Kevin and @mjw.

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Also, thanks @John for fixing the title. I shouldn’t have assumed the feature was broken :sweat_smile:

All good, glad you got it working :raised_hands:

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